About this website

Cat Bounce is an interactive website of bouncing cats. Using Javascript and simulated 2d physics, the effects of friction, gravity, and velocity are determined according to user interaction with cats. In other words, more force = more bounce.

Cat Bounce was created in 2012 by Tara Sinn, an artist who dabbles in code. The site was updated for modern browsers by Ordinaria. Cat Bounce has been written about by Buzzfeed, Teen Vogue, Refinery 29, The Huffington Post, Mashable, and Mental Floss among others.

Here is a cat video for you to enjoy:

Why cats?

People frequently ask why this website features bouncing cats. Why cats and not dogs?  Well, first of all, why not cats? Aside from the obvious, (they're cute and internet popular), cats are different than dogs. Cats are independent. Sometimes they're mysterious. They're always a little unscrutable. And they seem pretty smart, even when they're doing something dumb. Cats can't be told, they simply are. That said, there are all kinds of cats, just as there are exceptions to every rule. I happen to like orange cats. I also like small grey cats with big eyes.

Recently I read a book that explains in a roundabout sort of way, how to be a cat. In it, the author writes: "Cats on the internet are our hopes and dreams for the future of people on the internet." 🤔

A theory if you will: this website is not actually about cats—in fact, this website is definitely not about cats. It is about you. Are you a cat? Am I a cat? I'm not sure I can answer one of those questions. But if you've read this far, I suspect that maybe you can. If that's the case, what's your next move? Hint: do what a cat would do.

For the love of cats

There are cats everywhere and some of them need help. You can do this by learning more, volunteering, or getting involved with organizations like these.

For the love of code

Anyone can learn how to code (and in case you were wondering, cats can learn how to code too). If you are interested in learning or teaching code, here are some volunteer-based organizations that offer free tutorials and learning materials.


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Cat Bounce is not interested in selling ad space, but it is interested in providing a space for collaborations that are altruistic and humanitarian in nature. Cat Bounce is visited by thousands of people every day, many of whom are students and young people—partnerships that are based in STEM/STEAM education and animal advocacy are especially interesting to us. Please email us if you're interested in working together or if you have an idea you'd like to share.

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